Diana Mruk

Diana Mruk

Swim Coach

Swimming is fun for me and I love to encourage others to have fun and enjoy the water whilst pursuing their goals.

Born in Ohio, United States, I grew up with a pool in my backyard. To me it was fun, but without realizing it, I would practice what I had been learning from the school swimming lessons.   My home city at the time didn’t offer a swim team otherwise I would have been competing from a young age.

I was volunteering at the local school and community pool when I was 12, teaching swim lessons to young children and continued through to adults as well – from basic swimming and water confidence through to skill development.

Whilst continuing my education, I swam for my high school team and received a scholarship to swim at Cleveland State University whilst completing my Bachelor of Arts.  I swam for four years and was captain of my team for two. I trained and competed in mid-distance frontcrawl and butterfly. (50, 100, 200 front crawl. 100 fly)