Swim Classes / Squads – Kids

Few sports offer the intensity of coach-parent-athlete relationships that exist in swimming.  Urban Swim Academy seeks to develop the potential inherent in such relationships by providing an environment of support, open communication and mutual sharing of knowledge.  Our swim coaches pride themselves in having created an identifiable coaching style and seek to extend our leading edge.  Children that join Urban Swim Academy will complete an assessment to determine their swimming level, thus allowing them to swim with children of similar ability and allowing them to progress.

Kids Foundation

Our Kids Foundation Program (Learn to Swim) teaches the principles of aquatic safety, water orientation and survival techniques – the core aquatic skills. These are basic skills a swimmer requires to be comfortable in the water.

Starting from 4 years old
Class ratio 4:1



Kids Transition

Our Transition program is designed to help the intermediate swimmer progress from learning the fundamentals of swimming to learning frontcrawl and backstroke over a certain distance.

Starting from approx 6 years old
Class ratio 6:1




Kids Progression

Building on from the basics of frontcrawl and backstroke, our Progression program helps the athlete to push a bit harder to reach their swimming goals with speed, endurance, VO2 and power in a structured session.

Starting from approx 7 years old
Class ratio 8:1




Kids Competitive Squads

The aim of the competitive squad is to promote good sportsmanship, encourage competition and develop stroke technique and skills.

The programme varies from swimmer to swimmer, being of different ages and abilities.  Each session has a warm up, main set (anaerobic/aerobic) and warm down.

Swimmers must have basic pool discipline, eg. streamlining, diving, push-offs, following instructions, attitude, application and execution.

Starting from approx 8 years old
Class ratio 10:1